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Janet Rae Orth - Insights from 28-Years of Intuitive Readings

Journey through this story-rich conversation about soul contracts, free will and embracing all seasons of life.

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Janet Rae Orth is currently one of my favorite intuitive readers! She has more than 28 years of experience as an intuitive reader and teacher. She specializes in the use of guided meditative imagery to help individuals validate their own intuitive information, release fear, and create change. You can currently find Janet in person at Miraval Life in Balance in Tucson, Arizona or work with her by phone. She previously provided readings at Canyon Ranch Resort and Spa in Tucson for 12 years. In this episode, we discuss:

  • Focusing intuitive readings on the present, not the future. 

  • How other people’s expectations impact our intuition and manifestations

  • Having faith when there is no wind in our sails 

  • How difficult times build empathy with others 

  • Changing soul contracts

  • Relationships aren’t fated, they’re created

  • Paying attention to the body is self care

This was such a raw and real conversation. To connect with Janet further, check out her website and Instagram.


Kara: I feel like we had such a wonderful reading. Wow. That was like a few months ago, actually. Right? 

Janet: Yeah. It was fun to read you.

Kara: And I've never, I've never done an intuitive reading quite like yours. Like you have such an interesting process moving through the aura.  I feel like you've even moved through the chakras. 

Janet: The different layers of the work come from the chakra. So they're sort of synonymous in a sense. 

Kara: Oh, tell me more about that. That's fascinating. I'm having to relate. Well, I know like color wise, they're connected, but this is a great place to start. 

Janet: Yeah. Your first chakra creates the first layer of your aura. Then upward. So there, that's why they're kind of interchangeable. I mean, your chakra is actually the energy center, but it generates the first layer of your aura.

Kara: Oh, that makes sense. Okay. Yeah, I always thought of them as the energy centers from root to crown, but that makes sense as well. I would love to learn how you developed your intuitive reading process, because like I said, it was so unique. You work through the different layers of the aura, and you kind of unpack different energetic densities that might be there and experiences that might be popping up. But what really resonated with me is it wasn't super future oriented. It wasn't tethered too much to the future. It was more reading my energy in the now, which I find really important because obviously free will is a thing and we all have the power to change the course of our lives even after an intuitive reading. And I feel like a lot of people who are new to spirituality walk into an intuitive reading or experience intuitive reading and they're like, Oh, this is definitive, but I really loved your approach. As a snapshot, and then now, and you're like, this is the information and this is what you can do with it. So how did you create your process? And if you want to explain a little bit about it as well. 

Janet: Okay, so, yeah, I covered the different layers of the aura because they kind of give you insight into a little bit of everything.

So in other words, when people come to me, typically they have some issues in mind, like relationship, career, kind of general overall, sometimes people have something specific, but I want to give a little bit more than that because our life is larger than just one issue. So the aura kind of covers a little bit of everything.

It's your home life, it's your work life, it's your relationships, it's your health, it's your self esteem, self image, which of course affects everything we do in life. And then how you see the world and how people see you. So I like to stay in the present because of exactly what you said that the future isn't carved in stone.

That's an expression I use all the time that the future is not carved in stone. Some things are, like the birth of a child or the sex of a child, some things. And if I see something that's really solid like that and, and there's a question or an issue or an interest around that, I'll say it, but I'd like to keep it in the present because I feel like that information is much more useful to us. That helps us unlock our potential more and, create more fulfillment and move forward in our life for what we want our life to be. Does that make sense? 

Kara: Yeah, 100%. And I just feel like it's so, it's, it's interesting that definitive parts, like the sex of a baby are set in stone. Is there a particular reason for that or like what makes those?

Janet: So if somebody's gonna have a baby, for example, they're going to create an agreement with another being who's going to have a body. This gets a little out there. Yeah, of course, they're going to choose the sex that they want to have.

So that is a defined thing, right? If I read you and I don't know if we talked about future children or not, it's not always carved in stone because maybe you haven't decided yet. Maybe you haven't made an agreement yet who you may give a body to somewhere down the road.

I've had people come to me that hadn't even met their spouse yet. And I told them, your first born is going to be this sex and your second born is going to be that one. And  now her kids are in college and yes, they turned out exactly that way. Right. Those things are carved in stone because they kind of have to be carved in stone, so to speak, like there are definitive things, right.

Sometimes people want to ask me things like how long their parents may live or whatever. And sometimes I kind of have an idea, a vague idea, but I never say, Oh, gee, they've got three months left or anything really specific. Just because right up until that last moment, they can change their mind.

They can decide to leave sooner than they were planning or stay longer than they were planning. And I don't like to lock, what I mean? Like I just don't think that's healthy or useful for anybody. 

Kara: No, absolutely. I feel like full disclosure with any of my other readings. You didn't really give me too many timelines per se.

Honestly, it was a very affirmative reading and that's how I know that I'm aligned with my path and I don't do too many spiritual readings much anymore just because I feel like I just get these affirmational hits on my own. But I think, you really can change the course of your life, like I mentioned before.

Absolutely. I feel like when I do, when I've done intuitive readings in the past, the timelines that have been said to me don't actually align from my personal experience.

Janet: That’s because we can change timelines like I've seen people that are going to create something and they do create it, but maybe it looks like it's about a year and a half, two years off.

Maybe after the reading and after they unblock some things and after, they get enthusiasm for what they're creating, that's not soon enough. And they turn around and create it in three months, but they create the same thing, right? So that's how timelines are very fluid.

Kara: Okay, so let's talk about this because this is fascinating because I feel like a lot of things can get in the way of different timelines, such as fear and doubt, anxiety, which I know you have a ton of workshops on these different challenges that we all move through. Can you talk about just what may hinder a timeline and what may collapse a timeline and hinder the timeline, like how to work through those challenges? 

Janet: Sure. Okay. So there's a couple of different aspects of that. One, you mentioned our own inner fear, doubt, not feeling worthy, because let's say that we're going to move forward in our life and do something that moves us up a whole stratosphere.

Maybe we're going to go from barely paying our bills to making a ton of money very, very quickly or something like that. Right. Okay. Not only does that affect us, but the people who know us, that affects them in the sense that they see us differently. They're going to react to us differently. They're going to relate to us differently. They might like our success. They might feel threatened or challenged by it. Right? So it's just in the sense of will she leave me behind if I still have a place in her life,. People that care about us worry about things like that, too. We feel all of that.

So there's the inner world our own doubt can create. But there's also the energy of other people. And sometimes we're kind of co-creating to their expectations. Because we want to keep people in our lives. We want to still have those friendships, even though we're going to create a bigger career or get married.

For people who create new relationships young in their 20s, they're usually aware that for their friends that don't have relationships yet. Or don't have solid relationships. That's a big transition in friendship, so that's kind of how we take in, but we don't realize it consciously that we're letting other people's emotions, energies, thoughts.

They may never even say them, but we can feel them and that it could slow our timeline down. It can also stop us in our tracks. Does that make sense? 

Kara: Yeah, absolutely. I also remember I learned this from another mentor. She basically told me that I was, and I've had this reading so many different times that I was pregnant and I'm not actually pregnant.

I was like birthing a project at that time, but that was like recently. And before that it was another person's energy that I was actually taking on or another person manifesting something and I was actually taking on their energy. I'm extremely sensitive. I'm extremely empathic, and that's another way that people can influence these intuitive readings all the time. 

Janet: They can, okay, you really hit on something there. And that's what happens in some readings especially if people are channeling or if they're not really grounded. The reason I use the word clairvoyance is that I'm clairvoyant.

Or that I use intuitive because clairvoyance means clear seeing so that means I'm in the center of my head looking at. You and I can see you but I can see you separate from the energy of your friends. So I can actually talk to you about well, you've got some friendships or some relationship in your life that feel a little threatened or a little challenged. I can see that but sometimes people can't see that they can't separate. They read that as you which is what you're talking about.

That's what happened in that reading. It can also happen where you get a reading from somebody sometime and they nail you. And the next time you're like, no, that's not me. But that sounds a lot like my sister or somebody I know, right. I have learned how to tell the difference.

Most people aren't conscious of that because they don't really work on the level that I do to really see how it affects us and it gets in our space. I like to use the image of a transparency  , because if you had a transparency, you lay an image on top of another image. That's what happens to us sometimes when other people's energy are on top of us. Yeah. 

Kara: And just to dovetail off, off of that, like you were saying, you're the channel, right? And so it's not only other people's energy and your energy that's in the mix, but it's actually the healer or the reader that you're working with, which I've had plenty of readers where I'm like, Oh, they're definitely projecting their own energy. That's more mediumship and that was exactly what it was. And it's a different experience. And I was a little scared from that reading and haven't really spoken to her since. Obviously I wish her the best, I realized that wasn't me. That was actually her own.

Janet: I've had a lot of people come to me and tell me experiences like that. And they'll tell me exactly what somebody said. And sometimes I can look at it and I can see what the other reader was looking at, but I see where they just kind of saw it wrong or got it mixed up and I can speak to them.

But sometimes I'm like, “I have no idea what they were even talking about or why they even said that.” Like you said, they project things. I use tools to keep me out of it, but I'm not channeling. 

Kara: Okay. So let's talk about your tools because you're again, like your reading was so spot on, so affirmational and you were really like so clear. So direct. I was like, I swear she is from New York. She is so clear, so concise. How do you stay so clear and connected, just throughout your practice?

Janet: Literally. And it's part of some of the tools that I teach in some of my workshops, because it's the same thing we have to do if we want to keep other people's energy out of our space, just from what we're doing in our life.

Right. I literally know how to stay in the center of my head. I know when I'm not there, like we can go in the future, our energy follows our thoughts. So in our culture, most of us are a little in the future, like you probably know what you're doing later today, right? We've all had the experience of driving down the road, maybe not so much in New York, but most of us in the rest of the country have been on highways or freeways and not seen a car for hours or days or miles.

Then all of a sudden we feel we should look in the rearview mirror and it's a highway patrol person, like in every class I ever do, people nod their head, right? Like, is that a coincidence? It's a highway patrol person? No, their energy is spread out so far like a feeler. What's going on? Anybody I need to know? Anybody in trouble? So we feel that touch us, right? So I know how to stay in the center of my head. Like that driver would not be in the center of their head. That's also why we get scattered. I know how to stay in the center of my head and I stay grounded. So if my own emotions come up like, gee, I hope she doesn't stay with this terrible boyfriend, not you specifically, or anything like that, like if I have my own feelings, I know how to release them while I'm reading so that they don't get projected. Like I just, I just stay really present, but I've been doing this for a really long time. And honestly, some of it. I can't take credit for it. In some ways I just feel like, okay, it's a gift and I just have to say it's a gift, you know?

Kara: Hmm. That's really interesting. Have you always known and like seen or like known you've had a gift from like, what was that aha moment like for you? 

Janet:  More of it is in retrospect when I look back and I think of things that have happened in my life. For example, my mom died when she was in her late fifties.

And when I was 10 years old, I knew my mom was going to die early. I told my dad and I freaked out. When your 10, you want your parents forever, yada, yada. I freaked out and I remember my dad calling me down and stuff and then I put that aside, right? Forget about it. Live your life. My mom's healthy, et cetera.Until I'm about 17, 18 and she gets diagnosed with cancer? She didn't die for another 10 years or maybe a little bit longer, but then I realized, oh my gosh, right? Like how did I know that as a child? Who knows?

I can look back at things like that I remember them and I connect the dots, but my aha was literally the first time I sat down to read somebody, like when I left home at 18, I remember thinking to myself, like, if there's, if there's a situation in life where it's head, like make a decision based on your head, make sense, etc.

Or my heart, my intuition, even if my heart or intuition is like a different tangent, I knew I already go with your gut, like I already knew I had a really strong intuition, and I'm going to listen to that. I remember making a decision like that.  , but it wasn't literally until,  , I think I was like maybe 25 or maybe a little bit younger where I just sat down to read somebody more or less for fun.

I was reading next to somebody who was a practiced reader. And I was mostly just sitting there like, okay, I'm just going to kind of read in my own mind along and see if I can do this or whatever. And then they said, Janet, do you have anything to add? And then what I added was the most profound thing for her, they'd already done the whole reading.

What I added was the most profound thing for her. She started crying, she started going, nobody's ever seen that nobody's ever validated that. Then I was like, okay, I guess I didn't make it up because I really didn't have any certainty yet, until I spoke out loud what I was seeing and feeling. Then somebody went, yes.   So that kind of was my aha. 

Kara: That's incredible. I got full body goosebumps so many times while you were talking the evolution of your gifts. Like, like from that moment moving forward, how are you continuously nurturing, nurturing your craft and your gifts?


Janet: So believe it or not, I used to be an accountant in San Francisco, a very miserable accountant. I spent a Many years, six years, basically trying to figure out what else I was going to do. So finally I just gave up, said, I don't know what I'm going to do, but I gave 90 days notice and saidI know what I don't want to do.

So I was just going to take a year off, write a book, and travel and things like that. But my mom got sick right then, sick again. So I decided to stay closer to home. So during that year I just was doing readings for fun, literally doing readings for fun. I wasn't charging anybody I was just doing friends or people who send somebody to me or whatever.

I didn't know if it was any good, valuable, et cetera. This is back in the days when you would answer your phone if they rang. And you didn't really always use or have caller ID, right? So one day my phone rings. Now I live in Palo Alto. Menlo Park is right next door. Menlo Park is  where they have the U.S. Geological that predicts earthquakes. This is after the earthquake in 89 in San Francisco, right? So people are still a little nervous. It's like the early 90s about earthquakes. And if you went into a metaphysical bookstore there, there was always a map of where California, what California was going to look like after it fell into the ocean, which I took none of that seriously, but people were taking that seriously.

So I literally get a call from somebody, I answer the phone and he introduces himself and he tells me he works at the U. S. Geological Service and he says, and this is when I decided I was moving to Arizona, and he said, I heard you're moving, and I'm like, yeah, and again, this is when you would answer your phone, right?

He said, Oh, I just need to know why you're moving. And I'm getting a little bit like, Why are you asking me this now? He's been professional. He's been nice. He's introduced himself, but I'm starting to think like either This is a prank or whatever and he goes, well, I just have to know why you're leaving and I'm like what?

And he and he basically asked me if California was gonna fall into the ocean and that's why I was leaving. I was about to hang up until he said to me, I have a young family. I need to know, and I immediately, immediately knew he's got like two young kids and he's scared to death. And of course he wants his family safe.

And this was a huge turning point for me because I went, Oh my gosh, this guy who's a scientist who should be able to predict earthquakes and he's calling me out of the blue. I don't even know how he got my number and asked me if I'm moving because there's going to be an earthquake like, and he would move his family. That's what I was like. Maybe I should take myself a little more seriously about this. 

Kara: That’s validating. 

Janet: Wow. Isn't that funny? That's wild. Yeah. That's hilarious. Isn't that funny? Oh my gosh. 

Kara: I'm just curious because I'm really fascinated with astrogeography, and just like vortexes and like the different energies of the earth.

Have you found your gifts have expanded and grown since you moved to Arizona versus California? Because like there's so many energetic vortexes there, right? 

Janet: Sure, that's a really interesting question. I will tell you what I have noticed. I have noticed, like, especially if I'm up in Sedona, my dreams are incredibly perfect.

Like, they always are, but, like, every night they will be there. I've noticed maybe I hear spirit, like if spirit talks to me, it's a little more clear in Arizona, but I think that's also because there's less distraction noise? Right. I grew up in Minnesota, that's when I knew things like about my mom.

I lived in California. That's when I did that reading,  so I mean, I would say that it's been consistent everywhere, but I definitely do think that vortexes can help us expand, can help us clear energy blocks. And things like that. I definitely do notice the earth energy is different in different places and mostly it just makes me feel happier. 

Kara: Have you looked at your Astro Astro geography chart? I wonder where your lines are. Yeah, 

Janet: I have looked it up. It's interesting 'cause Tucson's actually not one of the best places for me to live. It's good for some things, but not good for others. And I would say that it's consistent. I mean like what I've read is really consistent. So there's really something to that.

Kara: Yeah, 100%. I mean, you just think and and when we talk about energetic vortexes, like, obviously, there's lay lines and these vortexes that can, like, shift our energy overall as a collective. Butbio individuality is real. And each of us hold a very unique energetic blueprint.

And so I just want to note that and so like in regards to everyone's astrogeography chart. That's obviously like you need exactly that person. I 

Janet: Yeah, but like I said, I mean best places so to speak Tucson's not the best for me And I'm still very very happy here and I've been here a long time. Like but I do know kind of what the weaknesses are so I can kind of overcome them a little bit .

Kara: Yeah, and I think it's really the energy that you bring to whatever situation, whatever place you're in, right? Think if people are just looking at their astrogeography chart and they're looking at their Venus line, thinking that they're going to get married and find love. Then jokes on them.

Janet: Yeah, there's a lot more to life. And we grow and change and go through a lot of different faces. So different places bring up different things and opportunities for us to grow and change. Yeah. Amen. 

Kara: Yeah. You mentioned, just like energy getting, getting stuck before, and I think I'm bringing this up because it's top of mind for me after I was traveling on the West Coast for a period of time and getting back into the flow in New York.

I was having a lot of rigidity, a lot of resistance. There's a lot going on astrologically right now. New moon and cancer and Venus in retrograde. So there's a lot going on and I'm a cancer and I was just feeling the feels but I was feeling super stuck and it's not often that I get into this place where I really feel stuck for an extended period of time and usually I'm like, okay, I can shift my energy.

I have my rituals. I have my routines, but I was really in a dark place for like a week. How do you recommend people shifting out of that stickiness when they're like, I've tried everything and obviously we have to sit with this. Just the feels like, sometimes it's just about moving through and sitting with it, which maybe you can speak to, but what is your advice for anyone who's kind of feeling stuck?

Or just like deep in their fields throughout cancer season. And as we're entering like Venus in retrograde.

Janet: There's a couple of different things. One of the things you said there was that you tried everything. So if you've tried everything, then really the energy that you're stuck in is resistance. You're resisting whatever comes next. And so there can be a couple of different reasons for that. One, you're not ready two, you're afraid of it. Three, the timing's wrong, whatever. I mean, there can be reasons, but sometimes we just need to wait. The Native Americans have an expression that I really, really love because if you take it in and kind of sit with it, when it applies, it's really deep. They say, if you don't know what action to take, it's not time to take action. And sometimes like you, you were trying to move forward, you were trying to create things, you were trying to do things, but you were feeling stuck, like I don't have the energy to do it. Well, maybe it's time to wait because maybe if you wait, a week, two weeks, the energy shifts, you get an impulse, you get an insight.

You'll write something totally different than you would have written. Do  you know what I'm saying? Like, like timing, timing can be important.  So sometimes we have to let things percolate and especially in our culture where we are so forward driven, we're typically very uncomfortable with that, especially doers.

It's a real challenge for a doer and I'm a doer too, to kind of just be. But another analogy I like to make is I used to sail when I lived in the Bay Area and sailors know this universally. If you take the boat out for the day, you take a lunch, you take a bottle of wine, because at some point in time, there is no wind.

There's just no wind. Doesn't matter how many sails  you put up, how many angles you're trying to catch it on. You're not going anywhere. So most sailors don't resist that. They just stop, eat their lunch, have their wine, the wind comes back. Tt's a great analogy because,  , when, when we're feeling stuck, we're also feeling fear, I'm going to be stuck forever. Instead of having faith, like the wind's going to come back, just sit with it, go do something else, eat cake,  whatever,  like, like put your attention someplace else, and it'll change. Does that make sense?

Kara :Absolutely. 

Janet: Now, see, if you were stuck because there was literally something in your space that you had to let go of, then I would say there's a different answer. But you started by saying, I've tried everything. So if you tried everything, you were trying to release what might've been yours. And again, maybe it was just timing. Maybe it was just the wind wasn't there. 

Kara: All of that resonates really deeply with me. And also me. One being an Aries rising Capricorn moon, like doing is in my nature for sure, like I love to do, I love to execute, a natural born entrepreneur. And so, and especially after moving around for over a month traveling and actually sitting in my own space rooting, I was like, oh, everything's coming up now.

And sometimes, like you were saying, you can't really do anything about that. You just have to be and say within sometimes that's just time and patience. Like there's a quote that time really is the best healer. And like, there's a reason for that. But also, I think there's an element that I fall victim to sometimes is over intellectualizing my healing.

So given that I'm in the spiritual space and the healing space. I know all the things to say. I know that this too shall pass. And I like saying all these things to myself, but I'm not actually sitting with them and feeling deeply. I think that's a huge aspect of the spiritual new age conscious community, like, you cannot understand each and every feeling or like a feeling of rigidity, stuckness, anything like that. Like sometimes it's just a feeling and it's meant to be felt and pass through you in order to release and create more space. And I think this past week was just, there was a lot of things percolating within me and I was like, I think that's the, it's just this sitting in the stickiness is sometimes where we're supposed to sit.

We're not always meant to actually be growing forward or embodying our best self. And I spoke to this in one of my recent newsletters. Like it's really about finding compassion for where you are in the present moment, and that's really. Where, like, the integration comes from. 

Janet: But that's also what really gives us empathy because if everything was, rainbows and sunflowers all the time. When we met somebody who was really having a hard time or really in pain or whatever, we really want to be there for them would be like, but it's a sunny day,we wouldn't really get it.

If we didn’t sometimes have our own difficulties. And I think empathy is an important part of the life experience. So, yeah, it rains and it storms and it's sunny. Like we have to be able to take all season, really. 

Kara: And that's like, what? But experiencing a spiritual life in this human body is all about or being a human being spiritual experience I actually say it the opposite 

Janet: Right but and also if a question of faith If you will,  in that moment again, do I have faith that the rains gonna go away? The Sun's gonna come out again, or I'm gonna get my mojo back Most of us, when we're sitting in that moment of despair, we're afraid it's not coming back, and that's why we want to turn on the doer so much and overdrive and get going again and feel it right away.

So then we know it's there instead of trusting. Like I said, the wind comes back, that trust, that learning to trust is the biggest life lesson. And it's the one that I think takes the longest in life to really, really learn to live with, we can learn lots of time and trust. Yep.

Kara: That's a big one. That's a big one that is really present in my life right now. Trust and timing and patience. And I feel like these are all overarching things, themes in everyone's life, but those are especially present in mine right now for sure. 

Janet: And they're challenging. Those are the challenging ones,  .

Some things are easy. What's that? That's a little hard. 

Kara: Oh, yeah. I mean, we're not here to learn spiritual lessons in a course or a day. Yeah, these are life long lessons and I think in our modern day society we can get caught up in this hustle mindset and that just doesn't transpose onto healing. It's very safe.

It's a very slow process. And I think we often forget that,'s not performative. It's just about being present. 

Janet:  Yeah, right, exactly. Can't just have it right now. So we have to build it, right? It's like a muscle. You have to develop it and you have to live it 

Kara: Totally and integrate it fully.

And it's like, not about these like rituals and tools and routines, which is what I kind of have been immersed in over the past. I feel like three years and only. Uh, like in the first three years of my spiritual journey, and I would feel like in the past two, did I really start to take a step back and be like, oh, how can I relanguage these rituals and routines so that I'm just integrating within them within my day to day, not just like reaching outside of myself and outsourcing my power, but really like how can I embody like the soul within myself become my own healer? So I'm not always need to burn Palo Santo or need to work with a crystal. It's like how can I just channel that energy in my day to day? 

Janet: Right. That's it. That's the crux of it right there. Becoming what you're trying to do.That's amazing.

Kara: Yeah. You mentioned briefly, thank you. Yeah, it's been a journey. Like, healing is a journey. Yeah, no, that's amazing.Yeah, I mean, it's been a process for sure, but integration embodiment is definitely a huge part of my work right now and what I'm writing so intentionally on right now. On that note, actually, when it comes to, like, doing interest in timing, what is your perspective on. fate and free will we talked about this, like, really briefly, but there are some things that are set in stone, like fate and then there is free will. Which we all have the power to change the course of our lives.

But I feel like we, we need to, like, break the binary between those 2 things. Those things coexist in some capacity and in our life. Can you explain your perspective on that? 

Janet: So again, I've been doing readings for a long time and once because of the ex accountant in me I did the math I read like a thousand new people between 800 and a thousand new people a year and that doesn't count the people that repeat, and usually people that see me see me, again or talk to me again or work with me again. So that's a lot of readings a lot of things that I've looked at.

I would say Universally, there's very few people that I've looked at and went, wow, from the, before the minute you took the body, it was crystal clear. You're going to do X, Y, and Z  like so where you cannot believe it.

We might've had the intention. We might've created the soul contract with ourselves, with the people that we're going to be in that life with. That still doesn't mean we're going to do it. We could chicken out. We could change our mind. We could be exposed to something else and go, this is way cooler. We're going to do that instead. Whatever. 

So, very few times do I really see that kind of fate. One of the things that I've universally seen, very carved in stone, is when people are going to die, for the most part. Now again, if somebody's going to die, like at 92 versus 95, okay, not so much. But like, I've had a lot of people obviously, because what I do, and people want comfort, come to me because let's say their children died  in a fire in a fraternity in college, right? It's very painful. Maybe it didn't even happen yesterday. 

It could have happened a long time ago, but they still want to talk about it. They still want to look at that. Looked at a lot of situations like that. When I was at Canyon Ranch, they were very generous and they gave the survivors of 9/11 a week you could come for a week anytime, and so people didn't come right away. It took them a while to get to the point where okay now I can go to Canyon Ranch or something. So for years people were trickling in and   people who died in the buildings, firefighters, Wall Street people,  All kinds of things I would look at  situations like that and in every single case, it's crystal clear that's when they were gonna die. We are not victims no matter how we die.

So that's one thing where I see fate is fated. But daily life, regular life, whether you become an author or an accountant. We might have the intention, like I said, but very few of us really are born like that's going to be George Washington. That's going to be the first president, like, like that kind of thing is really, really rare, really. 

Kara: So what's your perspective on opportunity?

Janet: Yeah. Exactly. Intention. So in other words, we're not in a caste system. It's not like you're born here. You have to stay here. If you want to change your life at any point in time, you can change your life. 

Kara: Amen. So what's your perspective on soul partners and soul mates? I feel like you have multiple like soul partners. And I think there are varying degrees of karmic and everything, but it's like, again, up to your choice. But I, you were just saying like, uh, fate. And I was recently talking to a friend who had a reading and she was like, yeah, we've, we were soulmates and like, blah, blah, blah. And like, we have to get back together. And I'm like, Oh yeah. Like that is not exactly. You're not checking in with your own intuition. 

Janet: I'm with you on that one. I put that on the, with the maps on the wall of work to what California is going to look like after it falls into the ocean. I mean like, yes, we can know people in past lives.

We can have an intense bond with them. We can have a wonderful connection and most of us feel that right away. Not even just with life partners, but even with friends, how you can meet some people and you just connect like this right away and your best friends from that point on. I mean, yeah. But there are lots of opportunities for this in life in any way. But is there one? Like you only have one soulmate. I've never even seen that you only have one soulmate for this lifetime. Again, it's what you create out of every relationship and what your connection is.

Some things, again, they're more fertile just in terms of maybe personalities are more dynamic together and co-create and just connect and communicate well. That no matter how great our communication skills are, we're still better at communicating with people that are often like us or get us or whatever than people who are right.

So some of us get lucky, we just have that right partner and we meet them and we make something out of it. That doesn't mean that you have to put yourself in a box, I, it's usually a red flag to me when people come in and they want to ask. Or they're hoping or did they want me to look at a relationship?

And I can say like, gosh, this is an amazing relationship. But when I look at it, I can be specific about why you guys like the same things, you communicate the same way, you have the same passions. You're both in it with the same enthusiasm, like I can look at very specific things in present time, but do I wanna put it in a box and go, oh, what, you got your soulmate? I mean, those are words really, if we wanna, if we wanna call things that or not. 

Kara: Yeah. I feel like I just keep on coming back to that quote. It's not about finding the one and it's about creating the one, and that might just be a new age saying, but I really. Wholeheartedly believe in that, like, if you want to make something work, it's about two individuals who keep on showing up for their same goals and each other. It’s a choice. 

Janet:  And it's the commitment that you make, right? And follow through and sticking with it exactly, so I'm with you on that one. One hundred percent. 

Kara: What's your perspective on manifestation? You have, I believe you have some workshops on or a workshop on manifestation.

Right. Can you explain your process? 

Janet: Yeah. I've got one coming up in October. So we kind of go through a couple of different layers in the work. The first thing we do is show people, literally show people with some somatic kind of exercises, feeling things, working with other people, how other people's energy gets in our space.

I talked a little bit about how people we know might have expectations. I went through this recently. We've seen it in real life because my daughter just graduated from high school and she's looking at doing two different things, being a lawyer or being a teacher.

So when she says that to anybody, they can't help but jump in with, well, “I hope you're going to do this. They make a lot more money or something about teaching these days or right.” People just put energy on it. They have their opinions. I just see it play out. Family members, of course, there's a little bit more energy, a little bit more hook, maybe to take that as valid. But you really still have to find your own path. 

So that's people that we know, but people that we don't know, right. We're affected by that energy to  collective  programming, cultural expectations, things of this nature. So I really illustrate that. I got some science, even to back that up, that we literally are changed right down to the cellular level by other people's thoughts and feelings.

So we go through that. We learned how to take that out, right? Then the next layer that we work on is, okay, what are my own blocks? Right? Do I believe I can have this? If I don't believe I can have it, why? Where did that come from? How do I release that? Then we actually first identify it.

Then I should give you some tools to actually release it. Right? And then once we've cleared all that out, we just get a really clear vision, like, okay, let's paint the picture now. What do you really want? So that's kind of where we close with it. And it's a lot of fun. It works.

The way I do it at my workshop or you do it your own way. Ultimately that's what you have to walk through to get there. If something's blocking some things we want, nobody has an opinion. Nobody cares. Nobody even knows we're doing it and we can just go off and do it, but most of us have intricate webs of other people's energy that in our own  kind of expectations to walk through first.

Kara: Oh, of course, from this life, from this lifetime and past too, we're like multi-layered beings. And I'm not just talking about skin, I'm talking about layers of lives and ancestral wisdom too, that can be like us back to some degree, but yeah, that's really fascinating. What I've really learned this past year is the science behind the feeling of manifestation and how really that's at the core of manifestation is feeling and tapping into your subconscious.

 And reprogramming any of those limiting beliefs, but really like feeling and trusting that because if you're just saying the affirmations or just moving through your list, but not actually feeling and believing it, then you're wasting your time. Because you're actually doing your body a disservice It's like an energetic contradiction. When you're like your mind or your manifestation is pulling you in one direction, but your energy is holding.

Janet: Yeah, exactly. Yeah. Right. 

Kara: Yeah. Right. Well, I'll have to take a look at that. I'm always interested in learning different methods for manifestation. I find it incredibly fascinating and would love to learn more about it.

Janet: Yeah. And mostly, mostly it's knowing what you want, like I tell people all the time, you have to be specific. You don't want to get the perfect job, but in the wrong city, right? Like that matters while I live here and I don't want to move, but they're offering me a job in whatever North Dakota and I don't like the cold, right?

Like, like that detail matters? So, we've got to have a clear, really clear image of what we want to. 

Kara: Yeah, I think if you look at your human design chart, which I don't know if you're interested in human design, but based on this, I believe it's the left arrow on the chart. I don't know if it's like, facing right or left, which way it is, but you're either a specific or non specific manifesto.

And that actually is like, this is just a guide overall to creating your list, but I found it fascinating. I am. A non specific, so although that means I'm still specific, even though I'm a non specific manifesto, because I'm being specific about the feeling. That I want to tap into, not actually like painting the overall picture, and that's probably why I'm Connected and was speaking so much towards the feeling of things, even subconsciously.

I think that's just what has worked the best for me. Well, you're a creative person within that form. 

Janet: Yeah. Yeah. Well, you're a creative person, so that's all about feelings in your inner life and all of that. Right. So yeah, that definitely works for you. But the thing is, even if you're not like identifying it in a way that you would write it on the list.

Your feeling picture is still complete, right? And your feeling would still have you with the right job in the right place, not off and stuff.  Like, like you wouldn't be living in a cold environment if you like sun in your imagination. So, those details are there, but they're not there in a linear way.

Kara: Right, and more of a fleshed out like. Yeah. Literal. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. That makes total sense.

Janet: Not literal. Exactly. Yeah. Yeah. 

Kara: All right. Well, uh, we are going to dive into a little conscious quick fire question round. But before we do, is there anything else that you want to add on? Any of your workshops or manifestation work or anything else that I didn't ask you?

Janet: No, no. I mean, there's a lot of information on my website,, but we've covered a lot. 

Kara: We've covered so much. Thanks for going over a little bit. I feel like I could actually talk there with you about these certain topics. So again, not to tether too much to like performance and rituals and routines, but I feel like my community loves these things because I feel like it's all about exploration and finding what works best with you and your energetic brain. What is your current morning and evening routine? It could be like self care and soul care. 

Janet: Oh, I love that question. So, literally, the very 1st thing I do when I get up in the morning is I feel my phone. I literally just before I even get out of bed. I noticed my breathing deeply, and even though we're asleep, if you really like don't change your breath and you just notice even in a sleep state, sometimes we breathe more deeply, more relaxed longer breaths than others.

That's the first thing I noticed because if I'm breathing deeply and I'm calm and everything to go to your point about feelings, if it all feels good, I know everything's working in my life, right? If I'm not breathing quite as deeply, it's a little bit like, okay, why? So the first thing I want to do then is figure out the why, like that kind of puts me on alert.

Like I'm going to check with my daughter to see if she's happy, something's going on, feel that. Check with people at work, check with my friends, but it puts me, it doesn't mean something's terribly off. But it means there's something there so that's the first thing I do is I just check it with my feelings, my literal, physical, emotional feelings. Because those are guides, they tell us something that's a really big part of self care and 98% of the time, it all feels great, right?

It's just that one time when it's what if it's anxious, what if it's tense, there's a reason why. Most of us don't think there's a reason why we're just like, Oh, great. I'm anxious today. Or Oh, great. I've got a pain in my neck instead of thinking, Why do I have a pain in my neck, right?

That's energy. There's something I'm literally reacting to, or tensing up or resisting that's causing that pain in my neck. 

I'm a more flowing person.A at some point during the day, I meditate. 10, 15, even 10 minutes a day. I don't always have time to really get in deep, but I always do set my space.

Kind of what I was talking about earlier about being the center of my head, grounding. So I can release something if I want to let go and have my protection. I do that at some point, but it could be morning or night, but typically I begin and I end by feeling my body and my emotions.

Kara: Is there a certain meditation? That you do a certain type or is it just, it's the type that 

Janet: I teach, which is literally it's, it's really sort of like pre clairvoyance if you will. Right. It's just being aware of what's in our space, feeling it, then looking at it to see what it is. And then if it's not mine, releasing it, or if it's an answer about somebody else, understanding it, looking at it, understanding it, but really it's, it's what I teach.

It's grounding. If you've ever heard of gravity, that's pretty much what it means. And then filling in. Yeah. 

Kara: Oh yeah. I do that all the time. And then I always visualize, you mentioned releasing, like releasing into the earth as well for it to be repurposed. 

Janet: Yep. And then you want to make sure you fill in.Like I always fill in a lot of times I fill with amusement, enthusiasm, I just bring in an energy vibration that I want for the day. 

Kara: Oh, I love that. Yeah. I usually just do light, but I actually don't think about it as like. Any sort of specific energy to like, fill in my body. I usually just like, see and visualize white light or like iridescent light, but that's beautiful to put a little bit of 

Janet: Yeah, don't use white light. Try using gold. It's the highest vibration in the universe. White light is going to get us out of our body a little bit. Yeah, yeah, exactly, but again, play around because if you bring in amusement, I guarantee you're going to be laughing more. If you're a serious person, you bring in enthusiasm, you're going to notice the difference, so play around and you'll see for yourself. That's a big part of manifesting right there. 

Kara: Yeah, especially when you're in that. Right before you wake up or right before you go to bed when the veils are so thin between like different parallel universes , like I feel like that is really a time to drop in  a gentle form of manifestation, yeah, that's amazing.

I love that I do something actually similar when I wake up in the morning like a sensorial meditation before I get out of bed. Just like feeling everything, feeling my body feeling like the sheets tapping into my body before I like Again, get into my head and start to over intellectualize and think about that.

Why is there anything? I think it's very important to drop into your body. Yeah, 

Janet: Again, our body, our body will tell us things and it's amazing how sometimes we don't feel our bodies. People don't know they're dehydrated. People don't know they're really tired. Like, you have to feel it in order to take care of it.So, yeah, you really want to do that. 

Kara: Yeah, 1st and foremost, I completely agree. How are you slowing down and re-sacreding life right now?

Janet:  I really try to go outdoors. I really, it's a little hard when it's this hot, but I have to get up early. I really try to stay in touch with the animals, the natural world. That's really important for me.But mostly because when I'm in that space, I go inward more. I feel myself, I listen to myself, like that is my sacred really, basically, because that's the space where I'm going to be inspired, talk to God, hear anything, know something just, my intuition is going to we have to be still.

So, everybody finds that stillness different. Some people it's a hot bath, but I think it's really important to just have that quieter space to be able to feel and hear and be inspired and connect. That for me is 

Kara: Mm. I love that so much. Yeah, that resonates with me as well.

The mountains, you like hit all my things in my bath, girl, when I'm in the city, like, that's how I reconnect with myself and like, just resacred this, like, luxurious h an experience that we're moving through, but like the mountains and getting it to nature, like, it's crazy. My intuition and writing in general, it's like, all comes down when I'm in the mountains and I'm in nature.

And also, isn't they amazing animals? I've, I've noticed recently, especially over the past year, like animals, like, Uh, are attracted to me and I don't know if it's like a high vibrational thing or something, but they like to stop on the street and walk towards me. And I'm like, what is going on? Like dogs in particular, which we're like, calling in my partner and I are calling in a dog, but I think it's really hilarious right now that dogs will literally like, stop on the street and like, walk the other direction to like, beg for me to pet them.

Janet: That's because they see you as a kindred soul? And what that means is you are in your feeling senses, which is how, where animals live, right? They're always feeling, mm-hmm. , they're always trusting. They're always, are you safe? Should I know you? They're really, really tuned in.

But also it's in those feeling senses that they create the pack or the herd or the flock mentality, where they can communicate with each other so they see you as someone that. Sees them, feels them. If I, if I just vibe her basically that I'm hungry, she's gonna feed me.  They can feel that you are a person who sees and feels and will respond?

So. Oh, that's interesting. Yeah, it's a real thing. I love animals, and animals respond to me the same way all the time. Yeah. It's reciprocal. Yeah. I mean, animals are so amazing and so aware and they see so clearly. Like I said, they see you basically, they know you're a kindred soul, you're safe and you're gentle and  you're alive. It's like you have that spark in your eyes. So think of animals, like even old dogs still have that puppy play, right? Or old cats, you can still, right? Like they've always got the kitten within them. You never really lose tha like they see that in you. 

Kara: Oh, I love that.

Yeah. I mean, always finding my personal mission is to connect not only modern mindfulness, but magic to the masses. Like help us rediscover, like the wonder that lies within everything, because I feel like we've completely lost that as a society. 

Janet: We so have. Yeah. Yeah. I completely agree with you. I've seen so many amazing things with animals. If you go outside, one thing I suggest, like if you have a typical area that you tend to walk, if you go outside, you'll notice, now you'll probably, this will happen to you probably after I've sensed it. I've said it. Like if you go outside and you walk. You're probably going to notice birds are going to start calling out to you. It's not random. They recognize, Oh, she's on the street again, and they're saying hello, so pay attention to that, and you'll see. And now when I say it, like I said, you'll see they're, they're being very specific. The other people come and go, they don't care about, they don't like, they don't know.

They've never seen him before. Fine. You show up again. They're going to say hello to you.

Kara: I love that when I go on a lot of, I call them wonder walks just because I feel like I, they really do not to sound cheesy, but they spark a lot of magic in my day, like blue sky thinking and just allowing my, my mind to wander and connecting with nature, even though I live in the city, but I live in Dumbo.

So I'm right next to the water and just like looking at the flowers, looking at the birds, at the, like just different things. I feel like. Helps me like to tune in. It was interesting. I didn't notice birds more today, but like not chirping, but I'll tune into that. 

Janet: That's fascinating. Really, like I said, they'll be specifically probably calling, like just real quick and you come out just as if they're going, Oh, hi, like you'll see it. It'll happen. Oh, I love that. So many people miss so many things with animals. 

Kara: Yeah. Exactly. Like our eyes have to be open to see it. It's not just about like awakening on your meditation cushion. It's again, how can we awaken to the wonder of everyday life? 

Janet: Right. Exactly. Yeah.

Kara: Yeah. Beautiful. Well, final question. What can we expect from you growing forward? You have so many beautiful offerings, workshops. What do you want to share? 

I do. You can follow me on Instagram, I write articles, but I've got a book coming out slowly because I'm very, very busy.

Kara: That's amazing. And then, 

Janet: Yeah, exactly. I'm really excited about it. And then, and then my workshops, my classes, things like that. So you can always find those on my website or, on my Instagram, but basically, and I'm always available for readings. I do a lot of things by phone, so I'm just, this a long time.

Kara: Your reading blew me away. It honestly was such a beautiful and unique reading. Like I've never had. I've had many aura readings, worked with shamans, worked with mediums, clamboric, like clairvoyant intuitive healers like yourself, but you just have a very beautiful just approach and like very quick and direct.

Like, I feel like we covered so much. I was like, wow. I feel great. Right. Like, this is very affirmational. It was all good things. Yeah. Well, amazing. I appreciate all that. Thank you. Yeah. Of course. Thank you so much for joining. And yeah, everyone, do you want to share actually your site and, and your, your social handle one more time?

Janet: where to find you. So it's Janet Rae Orth, J A N E T R A E O R T H dot com. And then,  , at Janet underscore Rae underscore Orth is my Instagram. 

Kara: Okay. Wonderful. Well, thank you so, so much. 

Janet: Thank you. It was fun to talk to you and see you again. 

Kara: Yeah. So fun to talk to you too.